Friday, December 5, 2008

It's All About Me

I can’t believe no one has called me on this…on what is written in on the right-hand side of this page where it says “About Me.” That’s the section where I give a lame description about who I am and a little insight into the (crazy) type of person who would write a blog every day.

You see…my blog profile needs a little updating. Maybe you didn’t notice (care)…or maybe you did notice but didn’t want to be nit-picky…or picky–un…your choice. But my ‘About Me’ is outdated because I wrote that description over a year ago…actually on September 13, 2007 to be exact. And some things have changed.

First of all, my children are all a year + older. I have to admit, I didn’t want to change their ages. It’s hard to accept that they are those ages already and see it in print. And the second of all is…with each year they get older…I too am another year older. (You’re just figuring that out, Kat?)

Some things, however, have stayed the same…I’m still a mom at home...blogging away while my ass grows (that’s for you, Pia). So after one year of my life, actually almost 15 full months from when I first began …I find myself in the EXACT same place. That is, I’m still trying to find my inner-self. And this blog is waaay cheaper than one of those psychoanalysts.

So today, if you care to notice or notice to care…I have changed the “About Me” section of my page…but just a smidge…cuz some things never change.

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