Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Twelve Days of Duncandog

I can’t believe we only have 9 days left until Christmas…I wish we had more like twelve. Instead of shopping (like I should be doing)…I have done a little song arrangement…that is, I've rearranged the words to the annoyingly popular Christmas favorite: The Twelve Days of Christmas. You know the tune!!

On the First Day of Christmas
My Duncandog gave to me
A large poop on my kitchen rug.

Okay, the song can get very tedious so I’ve decided to cut to the chase…and take you straight to the Twelfth Day of Christmas...I gotta get shopping.

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
My Duncandog gave to me:
12 nylons ripping
11 deer ticks carrying
10 years of living
9 leashes pulling
8 treats a begging
7 butts a sniffing
6 tails a wagging
4 booming barks
3 face licks
2 burnt-out lawns
And a large poop on my kitchen rug

This new version may soon become another annoyingly popular Christmas favorite.

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