Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Take a walk through the Taj MaMall for the holidays…and you will see sales all over the Taj. 15, 20, 25…percent off. Retailers are trying to entice us to step into their shops and spend money. But with the economy as bad as it is, it’s getting harder to part with Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, and Grant. Heck…even Georgie Washington is a keeper. So now you have big purchasing decisions to make…you stand over the cool gadget that slices, dices and massages and think…hmmm…do I really need this?

Stores are trying all sorts of new gimmicks…new ideas and promotions to get people to come into their businesses and spend money. I guess you would call them incentives …

So I was thinking….hmmm…What a capital idea! I too would love to have more traffic…more blog readers. So maybe I need to think of a promotion…something to get people to read Kat’s blog. Maybe I just need to offer some incentives.

So here’s my idea: With every new blog reader you bring in…I’ll give you something. Okay…I just realized that’s hard to do…plus you’ve already gotten the new toaster from your banker.

New idea: I’ll mention you in a blog. I’ll tell people all about you…your personal stories. I will give you so much publicity that I’ll make you famous. Okay…maybe not a good idea. Maybe you’d prefer not to be mentioned …and not so exposed in a ridiculous blog.

Another light bulb moment: Here’s the best idea for an incentive yet….Okay, I won’t mention you in my blog. That will be my angle….I won’t embarrass you or ridicule you. So my incentive: Get your friends and family to read Kat’s blog and you will be spared all mockery, razzing and harrassing.

To some, my ideas might seem like threats…instead of incentives. Sometimes I get my threats and incentives confused.

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