Monday, December 22, 2008

I Still Believe

Don’t cha love it when your child still believes in Santa?
Don’t cha want to bop the kid on the head who tells your child, “Joey, there’s no such thing.”

I don’t know about you…but I believe. I believe there is always some kid out there who wants to ruin the Santa spirit…probably because some other kid did that for him. Your child has talked excitedly all season about Santa and his 8 tiny reindeer. Then a week before Christmas, he looks at you and says, “Tommy says there’s no such thing as Santa…duh.”

You’re face drops…and you tell your son: “Well…duh…Tommy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Christmas is magic. ”

My kids were never told any different…and they didn’t question us…maybe because Tommy wasn’t in their class. Or maybe because they didn’t want it to stop. (Heck, so the ‘rents say there is a guy in a ratty ole suit who flies around the world in one night in a sleigh pulled by 8 reindeer…fits his fat ass down 8 trillion chimneys…or in some cases walks thru the front door. As long as the payday keeps coming…why say anything and ruin a good thing.) Besides I’m not so sure the three of them didn’t conference…and discuss it, “What do ya think? Katwoman as Santa??? Nah she couldn’t be Santa…she’s way too disorganized.”

And so in our house…we believe. Not only do we believe in the true meaning of Christmas…but we believe in the spirit of loving, giving, and sharing...St. Nick Style.

I still believe. Does this mean Santa will bring me a diamond watch for Christmas???

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Anonymous said...

is that a hint? hope santa comes thru because PaulA ain't thinking diamonds this year!