Sunday, October 28, 2007

World Series – Game 4 - Batter’s Up!

Yes, It’s Game 4 and the Red Sox could take it all….4 in a row and out of there…out of the wild west…That would be great. Some fans say they want the Red Sox to win it in Boston. It does sound like a good time…….to be a fan and win it at home….but I want them to win it tonight. TONIGHT. Forget losing the next two games to win it at home….Because… “What if?” What if the Rockies got darn good and lucky and came back? So let’s get the Rockies now…bury them…put them out of their misery. I’m all for that!

I have a couple of quick keen observations. First of all, have you seen the Colorado Rockies Manager, Clint Hurdle? Have you watched him, or better yet have you watched him chew gum? It is the funniest thing! When he chews gum, which is so much better than chewing a big wad of tobacco, his hat moves up and down… I’m not kidding. His baseball cap is going up and down with each chew. I have never seen someone’s hat do that. So, of course, that means his forehead is moving up and down because how else would his hat do that!! So I gave it a try…I pretended to chew gum to see if my forehead would move up and down. I think this would be a great trick at parties. “Hey, look what Kat can do!” Nope…shucks….can’t get my forehead to move unless I move my eyebrows up and down. Maybe I’ll get some real gum and try again. Why don’t you give it a try? You too may have this special talent and could be a hit at parties or maybe it just belongs to Hurdle.

Another observation is those white towels the Rockies fans wave….What are they called…. crying towels? It just seems so rude. I’d like to snap a crying towel at one of them and make them cry…maybe just at their knees and not in their face….I don’t want to be rude too.

Have you heard enough about the altitude in Colorado? How it can affect how well the Red Sox can run or the effect on the ole curve ball? Okay, it is interesting information, but enough of it…..Duh, we get it by now.

One thing I realized during the last game is….The Red Sox don’t have good looking guys on their team. And don’t try to tell me you think Big Papi is a hunk or Youkilis is a looker. I love the Red Sox and would only root for them, but in the looks department, they are running way behind. Take the New York Yankees….don’t like the Yankees but I have to admit they have a few good looking players on their team…Jeter, A-Rod. But what the Red Sox don’t have in good looks, is made up for in the character department. The Red Sox have everyone beat when it comes to character. Who could even come close to the free spirit of a Manny Ramirez, or the River Dance of a Papelbon??

So good luck to the Red Sox. I want you to win tonight…bring it home….The late nights are killing me and I have really important stuff I have to do… that is funny.
Go Red Sox!

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