Friday, October 5, 2007

Life In a Fish Vase

I have to tell you about our amazing fish. We don’t have a name for him other than Fishy, so Fishy is the best fish ever, with the most unoriginal name. Wait a minute, I called Fishy a “he." Maybe he’s a “she." I'm not sure how to tell the difference between a boy and girl fish.

Fishy is a goldfish that I bought at Petco about 3 years ago for the reasonable price of $2.10. I keep him in a large hurricane vase on the top of a chest of drawers in the middle of our foyer. I guess most people would have put a nice candle in the vase, or something decorative, but that makes too much sense.

Fishy has grown remarkably large over the years and the mirror behind the vase makes Fishy look mammoth. Fishy likes to make his presence he splashes around and makes a lot of racquet...which I hear from other rooms in the house. I love to pet him, just to let him know how much I appreciate him.

When I change his water, I put him in a little plastic cup and pet him on his fishy back before I put him back into his home. He actually feels quite smooth and not scalely, at all. Occasionally I have mishaps when changing the water, and drop him in the sink. I always rescue him before he slides down the drain to the garbage disposal. Besides the toilet is a better resting place.

We also bring Fishy with us when we go to the beach. (It’s always good to get back to your roots.) We transfer him to a small plastic fishbowl …..(that’s his traveling bowl)…and wedge him in between our beach chairs and beach towels for the ride.

I realize this story about our fish probably seems a little odd - especially coming from Kat – cuz you know the story, if I was a real cat, Fishy would have been history by now!!!!

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