Saturday, October 6, 2007

Manny is Our Man

Did you see that game last night? It had the perfect ending…that is, if you are a Red Sox fan. So, it’s the bottom of the ninth and the score is tied with two outs. Big Papi is up. Big Decision for the Angels: Let Big Papi hit and hope he doesn’t stick it to you or Walk Big Papi and hope Manny doesn’t stick it to you. As they say, “pick your poison.” Decision made: Intentionally walk the Big Guy …that brings Manny up. What’s Manny gonna do….does ANYONE ever know what Manny is gonna do? First pitch: Ball one. Second Pitch: Fastball…and that sucker is going, going, gone out of the park…Manny raises both arms and watches the ball before he runs the bases. Manny killed the ball ….. it flew over the infield, outfield, soared over the Monster seats, heck it took-off like it had wings headed for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts - where it belongs - a piece of art from the Manny Ramirez Collection. A walk-off, 3-run homer - Game Over….Red Sox win.

Manny is an interesting character, a true personality, an individual …when they made Manny they broke the mold. Anyway you crack it, you can see he loves the game and is determined to have a good time. He smiles, makes faces, goofs around with the guys and sometimes disappears into the Green Monster. (What does he do back there, anyway??) Manny does things Manny’s way ….. You gotta let Manny do his thing, because when you do, good things can happen.

You wouldn’t say Manny looks like your typical baseball player…far from clean cut Babe Ruth look here. When you see Manny standing at the plate….you see a dude with a scruffy face, wearing a uniform that looks big and baggy. His hair is in dreadlocks and sometimes it’s tinted red, and when he takes off his helmet, he’s sportin’ a do-rag. Heck, if he wasn’t wearing number 24 – we would think he was the lastest rappa with his hit single: “Hit Manny, like it’s your birthday.” He takes a lot of crapola from the press from time to time about “Manny being Manny”, but jeez that’s what we like about him!

After the game Manny was quoted as saying, “I haven’t been right all year round. But I guess, when you don’t feel good and you still get hits, that’s when you know you’re a bad man.” Manny, you are our bad man!!!

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