Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Sox World Champions

I just finished watching the Red Sox Rolling Rally on NESN…Celebration of the Red Sox World Champions. After watching, I have a big beef and I just have to get it out. My beef is with the news announcers at the parade. They were really bad…. said the stupidest things. How is it they get their jobs? I didn’t know just anyone could be an announcer…. Especially the woman- never got her name-(she gives women announcers a bad name.) At one point she said, Oh, I hear some fans booing…Something must have happened. I wonder what they don’t like.” You stupid, ridiculous, moronic woman….they are yelling “Youk.” Kevin Youkilis is on the Duck boat right in front of you and they are yelling for him. Where have you been? Have you ever been to Fenway and watched a game? Have you ever watched a game on your own channel? She was just so stupid that I was yelling at the TV…but then I stopped…I felt stupid.

The other thing the announcers kept bringing up, which totally bugged me is....World Series 2004 vs World Series 2007. How this World Series win is different than the World Series win in 2004. How this team is different than 2004. How this parade is different than 2004. If you’re like me, you want to yell, “Of course, blockheads….it is different than 2004 because first of all, it is 2007 and not 2004. Duh, the 86 year wait to win the World Series made the 2004 win significant. But it doesn’t mean that this win isn’t great too. And we didn’t have to wait another 86 years so that makes 2007 very special!”

On a sweeter note, the parade looked fun….very nice that Col could be there, just hope he didn’t skip class like I’m envisioning college kids and kids of all ages did….Also Papelbon was so entertaining for the crowd…singing, playing air guitar with the broom….loved his Irish jig even though he does the jig homeboy style. Yep, that is definitely a homeboy style jig when you stick your tongue out and bend your fingers like tha rappas do….Col is the master at this. He (Papelbon, Col too) is definitely someone you would want to invite to your next party…but I’m sure he’s booked.

I also have to admit when I make a mistake. One of my new blog peeps…actually my sister, Sister Sledge, brought up a good point about something I wrote a couple of blog entries ago….. that the Red Sox didn’t have good looking players. She said she thought that Josh Beckett was cute……..So I stand corrected although I am trying to understand Beckett’s beard. Thank you Sister Sledge for your contribution and for actually reading my blog……

Congratulations to the Red Sox Champions of the World!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hey sister sledge is right here; the red sox do have some cute guys!! i wouldn't go on agreeing with beckett....that beard creeps me out, but dice k...now thats a differnte story. what an ethnic cutie!! and what about varitek? i mean c'mon hes pretty good lookin for a 35 year old man!

go soxx!