Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's So Random

This is so random…a random subject and it is about the word "random. " Colin uses the word random a lot and I have decided I like it too. When you want to change subjects because you just can’t stand to hear the person talk another boring word about their boring life: You say: “This is random, but…I heard Jeb moved to Mexico.” See how that worked….subject change….GOOD. The person totally goes with the convo change, because you said it was random. But if you said, “Excuse me, I heard Jeb moved to Mexico?” They would give you a disgusting look and think you were a rude, irritating scoundrel for interrupting and changing the subject…..NOT GOOD. So remember that using random is socially acceptable and comes in handy to get you out of a totally snoozzzzing conversation.

Here’s another random use that I picked up from the master himself. I asked Colin, “Who was at the party with you last nite?” He says, “hmmm…random people.” Okay, random people. First of all, what do random people look like? Are their features randomly on their faces....are their noses sticking out of the sides of their heads? Oh, now I get it! It is his way of saying: “other kids were there but don’t think I am about to start naming names.”

My time to turn the tables on Colinboy. I have a random usage all set for him the next time he comes home from school and I just can’t wait to break it out on him. Colin comes in the kitchen and says, “Hey mom, what’s for dinner tonite?” I say, “Oh, random food you can find.” And that’s my way of saying: “what are ya thinkin’, its Saturday nite…I don’t cook on Saturdays, never did, never will and not about to start.” See I’m totally off the hook for the dinner thing cuz I used random!

Let’s see if there is another random usage I can employ……hmmmmm…. My husband says, “How much did you spend on your trip to Nordstroms today?” I smile and say, “oh, a random amount on random things.” ….Work it, Kat!!!

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