Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How do you talk to your dog?

Tone of voice is everything! The following is to be read in a sweet sappy voice: “OOOh Duncans…Come here my sweet crappy Duncan. Get over here my stupid dog…just look at you…you look ridiculous…. you have a silly haircut…all the other dogs are laughing at you. No barking your stupid fool head off.” Why do I feel compelled to say these things to my dog, all in a sweet, nice voice? “Hey goofy dog, get your chubby butt over here.” Yup, he is eating every word of it …his tailing is wagging faster and faster. “Oh, Duncabunks, you pain in the rump roast …want a treat? You silly poop head, how’s my dumb puppy?” Tone of voice IS everything!!

But us humans are a little smarter than our four-legged friends. Yep, it’s all in the tone. I ask my son if he is going to bed before 2 in the morning while at college and he replies, “Surrrrrre Mom” and I know what he’s really saying is, “You need a reality check Mom – Get a life!” I say to my daughter, after a friendly little discussion about her money spending at college, “ Thank you darling for being so understanding.” And she says, “No. Thank YOU." What she is really saying is, “you’re such a pain – get off my back!” Allrighty, I get the message… I can’t be fooled ...I’m no 4-legged animal. (although once, when I hiked, Duncan blew right by me and I actually wished I had four legs instead of my measly two!)

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