Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Designer Dogs

Do you like to dress your dog up and put clothes on him? Maybe not a whole outfit…like Seven jeans and a Harley Davidson jacket, but you know, a doggie sweater or maybe a little doggie scarf. After a day at the dog spa, our groomer puts a scarf on Duncan. To tell you the truth, I think it makes him look like a fruitcake…so I rip it off as soon as I am out of eye range of the woman. I wouldn’t want to offend the groomer lady. She is actually awesome and Duncan and I totally respect her. Duncan respects her because she has the scissors and his world by the b… and one slip could do a lot of damage. I respect her because she likes to use the word “bitches” when she talks about dogs. She does sound a little nasty, like she is swearing, but she can totally get away with it. She knows a lot about dogs and when you use the word “bitches”, it sounds like you have a PhD in dogs.

Back to doggie dress up….I have to admit, I have put a bowtie on Duncan for New Years Eve. On one particular New Years, we had some friends visit with their two dogs. At midnight we put party hats on the dogs and took their picture. It sounds kinda stupid and immature (we were young, really), but at the time, Oh so funny.

Chelsea has always wanted Duncan to wear an outfit. She has a friend who has a little dog that she dresses up with bows and clothes, so Chelsea started begging (good girl, nice Chelsea:) for something special for Duncan to wear. Reluctantly I got Duncan this big red jersey that had the number 9 on the back of it. Although he wasn’t a willing participant, we managed to get it on him. The jersey had to stretch way the heck over his big barrel chest. After all, he is a portly Portuguese water dog who has given up on his figure over the past 9 and a half years. He looked kinda silly, but I have to say, it made him look athletic. He looked like he could be a mascot for a team. Anyway, the kids really liked it and I think Duncan did too ….because when he wore it, they paid A LOT more attention to him. The kids played with him, gave him treats, threw the ball, and said nice things to him.

See, all ya need are some cool threads! Suddenly you’re a people magnet and everyone wants a piece of ya!

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