Thursday, October 25, 2007

Old School Rules

My kids like to talk about Old School….of course, they think anything we said, did or wore from my generation is Old School…heck, they even think the 80s are Old School. Okay maybe Pacman is a little outdated, but for me Old School would be the Roman Chariot Races, the Middle Ages, or maybe Genghis Khan and his empire….

Here’s an Old School drink…. Fresca. The other day Pauly asked if the next time I was at the Stop and Shop…could I get some Fresca. Whoa there, Fresca….He said he had tasted a Fresca recently and liked it. Said it was very refreshing!

For some reason Fresca is making a resurgence…not sure why this is happening. Maybe it is cool to be retro! Like leg warmers….excuse me, but why are these coming back? Remember Tab? (Okay, the kids don’t.) Tab is trying to work its way back….trying to ride Fresca’s coat tails. Good luck…I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Fresca has it over Tab….by a mile.

A little while ago I was at a Better Bedding store looking at some mattresses. There was a very nice salesman in there, and he was really into explaining the different mattresses to me. First I thought, “Wow…I know he must do this a lot, but he seems to be really into it…. Like I was his very first customer.” Now that is pretty special. The other thing I thought is, “Man, he looks like he could be an undertaker!” Now think about it…mattresses have to do with sleeping…undertakers have to do with those who sleep forever…very interesting... (Sorry, I just digressed in my story.)

So I finally made my mattress selection. Mr. Better Bedding/Undertaker was writing up the order and said, “While you wait……Can I get you a Fresca?” “What,” I said to myself, “Did he just say Fresca??” What again…with the Fresca. And the way he said it…. “Can I get cha a Fresca?” I’m telling you…so funny……so retro …so Old School!!

So Fresca is on its way back…back from Old School… the retro “new” popular drink. Okay maybe just at our house. Actually, we are on a mission to put Fresca back into the spotlight. We always keep Fresca on hand… in 2 liter bottles, 6 packs in cans, 12 packs in handy carrying cases. So if you come over and you’re looking kinda thirsty…You can bet we’ll ask…….
“Can I get cha a Fresca???

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