Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let's Go Red Sox!

It was an awesome comeback for the Boston Red Sox to win the ALCS in Game 7. Let’s hope they go all the way and win the World Series! If they do win the World Series, let’s hope they don’t kill each other or severely injure each other during their celebration. The other night after the Red Sox won the ALCS, they went bonkers. Did you stay up to see them? They were so happy and exhilarated. They ran around screaming and yelling, jumped in each other’s arms, jumped on each other’s backs, chest bumped each other, fell to the ground, knocked heads, slapped each other around, and sprayed champagne in each other’s faces. If you were from another country and watched this, you might think they were really trying to hurt each other. What is it about sports that when the players are overjoyed, they express their excitement by mauling each other? I wonder what it would be like if we went bonkers in our excitement over something……I can see it now….

Okay, Pauly is at work… Paul, “the closer” has just nailed a deal and gonna get a big kahoona payout …When he seals the deal, he squeezes and shakes the guy’s hand until it goes limp, slaps the guy on the back with extra gusto and screams, “hell of a deal.”

Okay, Col and his band have a great concert and everyone is going wild…they are pysched…and feeling like bad ass rockers….the band guys break their guitars over each other’s backs , turn up the reverb, and scream “Power to the People” into the mics.

Okay, Big C and her sorority sisters have just won first prize at Homecoming …They are overjoyed… they hug each other until they’re blue, smear each other’s make up, and scream “Sisters Forever.”

Okay, Bri gets an A on her Chem test…She turns the exam paper into an airplane and flies it at her teacher, throws the chalk into the air and screams chemistry formulas at the top of her lungs.

Then Kat is in a 4 person ladies’ golf tournament and birdies Hole #4 Red…the team is ecstatic, they fist pump into the air while high stepping around the green, knock each other’s visors off, and scream “Birdies Only.”

Note to the Red Sox –
Caution: In the event of winning the World Series, please proceed carefully with celebration.

Let’s Go Red Sox!!

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