Monday, October 15, 2007

Over The River and Through The Woods...

I'm gonna take a few days off from blogging….aren’t you the lucky one? I am going with my mother to visit her mother in Florida. That would technically be my grandmother. And she is 93 so every visit is very important…. especially to us. So when I am away I will not be able to blog. She lives in a retirement community…(let’s face it, you are very retired at 93 …heck, you are even tired of being retired) and she doesn’t have a computer (forget internet access) in her crib. It’s not like she hasn’t heard of it…after all, she is alive and kicking in the 21st century, but she frankly has no use for a computer.

I’m sure someday when my kid’s kids are flying around in their very own personal planes….I’ll be hugging my 4-door machine with 4 tires called a car. You’ll be hearing me say, “That’s okay honey, I’m gonna stick my Ford Escape over here….See ya when I get there.” Or when they talk through their sunglasses with music playing in the background on what they call a “Com - short for communications device”, I will say, That’s okay honey, I’m gonna stick with my nifty Motorola mobile cell phone.”

So when I get back, I might have a story or two from there….You see, that place is rich with material….lots of stuff going on….I’m sure there’s a dinner at the Rec. hall at 4pm followed by a dance til 7pm!!!

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