Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bull Work or Squirrel Work

My brother-in-law has the most interesting division of labor ever figured out for married couples. Before he does anything, he figures out if it is bull work or squirrel work. Bull work is something that the man does…such as heavy lifting, moving furniture, cutting down trees, shoveling snow…you know the big physical jobs. Squirrel work is smaller work and that is done by the woman….scheduling appointments, cooking the dinner, washing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, dusting the furniture…need I say more. The only problem with my brother-in-law's “rational thinking” is that my husband is totally on board with it. So for instance, the wife (uh, me) would be required to do the laundry because that has “squirrel work” written all over it. BUT if I needed the washing machine moved…yup, that’s bull work. Squirrel work is ironing the clothes and hanging them in the closet….. Bull work would be building a new closet. Getting the picture??? .

A very interesting thing about bull work is that sometimes it requires other bulls to get together to do it. The bulls congregate, put their bull heads together, maybe get a case, just in case they get thirsty, and talk about how the bull work should be done.

Now I can’t figure out what I dislike most about Squirrel work….is it the actual jobs in the squirrel category or the fact that I would ever be considered gray haired and bushy tailed. …...

Now I have a Bull work and Squirrel work decision dilemma-
It is time to practice driving with Sweet Wishy who is learning to drive and needs lots of practice. Would this be bull work or squirrel work? Don’t know …that’s a hard one…just know….all bulls and squirrels, head for the hills!!!

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Anonymous said...

HEY. ive heard from reliable sources that "Wishy" is a GREAT driver! :)