Tuesday, October 23, 2007

5 Second Rule

Do you believe in the 5 second rule? You know the one…you drop something on the floor, you quickly pick it up (within 5 seconds) and then maybe eat it. So you’re just about to put something really tasty in your mouth and you drop it…darn. Do you think, “Do I pick that up and eat it, is it gross to eat, is anyone watching me?” Then you say to yourself, “Oh, that’s okay it was on the floor for only 4 seconds.” (Sound familiar Brister?)

I would say, that where you dropped the food, should enter into your decision to eat it or not. For instance, I would never eat off a subway station floor. We all know the New York subway system is disgusting….so that’s an easy one. The Washington Metro has a reputation of being clean…..but still not a wise idea. Definitely, definitely not at a hospital…..people go in there and sometimes they never come out. I would also say the bathroom is out of the question. But why are you eating in the bathroom? I would, however, definitely eat off a few of my friend’s floors (and you know who you are) which are cleaner than most people’s kitchen counters. Oh, and I have a couple of friends where I would totally eat off their garage floor…..no joking. I think I might risk it at my own house…and that is only because I know Duncan Dog’s favorite places to leave his calling card.

You also might want to consider, what you drop, into your decision as to where you draw the line between eat or not eat. For me, if I dropped a wrapped stick of gum …I would still eat it. Now if I had been chewing the piece of gum, ABC gum, and dropped it…. no way would I eat it. Also, an open faced peanut butter sandwich is totally out of the question. First of all, they both have the ability to glom on…and that would include dirt and fuzzy stuff, not to mention deadly bacteria. I would hate for that to be the reason I left the world prematurely......Here lies dumb Kat, she ate off the floor.

So … unless you like to live dangerously…ummm, Brister…I would basically skip the 5 second rule…… unless, of course, no one is watching.

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