Friday, April 30, 2010

Post Time

Today I’m not at my post. I don’t have my usual astute blog post today because I’m otherwise busy with the many hobbies and activities that fulfill me as a person. It’s a wonder that I even have time to blog. Many a people have tried to keep up with the whirling dervish energy I have and scientists have even tried to capture the protons and electrons that make up my aura…and put it in a spray can…to be used on teenagers when they can’t get off the couch.

So I’m getting a jump on the weekend. There is so little time in the week…when I have so many things to do. I’ve got butter to sculpt, Cocoa Puffs to sample at General Mills, origami papers to fold, belly dancers to teach, volunteer fires to fight, bodies to paint, disputes among Middle Eastern countries to settle, and my current book to finish reading: Self-Help for the Self-Indulgent.


Have a nice weekend….and if I’m back on Monday, after riding “Devil May Care” in the Kentucky Derby…I’ll post another self-indulgent blog.

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