Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yes Yes Yes

Tiger had YesMen. Michael Jackson had YesMen. Lindsay Lohan had YesMen/Women. When you’re at the top…there are people who want to get into your inner circle and stay there…pitch a tent and camp out. They will say whatever it is you want to hear…just so you don’t make them pull up stakes. They will…yes, yes, yes…you to death (sort of speak.)

YesMen can get a person in a lot of trouble. The people being yessed start thinking they are above reproach and everyone else is just a roach…easily crushed. This can lead to major crash and burn problems…as we have seen with many celebrities, politicians, and celebretians.

To prevent developing a serious case of "Inflated Egoitis"...it is very important to have people around you who will tell you the truth and not just agree to everything. That is why God invented Democrats and Republicans….checks and balances. The last thing they do for each other is say “Yes.”

Usually the people who are the most honest with you are your family. They are the ones to keep you in your place. John Mayer’s father has been quoted as saying, “John, if you were not my son, I wouldn’t have heard of you.” Well, I’m not sure what planet John Mayer’s father lives on…apparently it isn’t Earth…but I do like his no nonsense attitude with his son to keep John grounded.

Yes…the fam is usually who you can count on to keep it real. I have brutally honest sisters…Sistersledge and Sistersludge. Those two bookends make sure this Kat doesn’t rest on her past blog laurels. They will keep me in check and say: “Kat, that last blog you posted…well………kinda BOOOOOOOOORING.”

No 'Yessing' going on over in my camp. But if they ever want to go camping with me….they better start saying “yes, Kat”… from now on.

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