Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LinkedIn Rando Connections

"Do you want to reconnect?"

Are you on Facebook or some other social networking site like…Twitter….LinkedIn…Twitterface? I joined a couple of sites…but I don’t stay current with them. I’m mainly on Twitter so I can follow my 2 favorite tweeters: Dear Havanah (great band from Boston)….and John Bad Boy Mayer. I actually haven’t posted a tweet for 3 months…except for a clever response to John Mayer. I’m sure John would have loved it (if he saw it)…and would have written a song about me.

Anyway, I recently joined LinkedIn to see what the business-oriented site was all about. In order to do that …I had to register and set up an account. But the problem with that is…people find you and send messages asking…. “Do you want to make a connection?”

The real question is: Do I really want to connect or be friends with randos……….random people from my past who could have become needy, nerdy nuckleheads?

My LinkedIn page is basically a shell…with no info. It just shows my occupation: Blogger Extraordinaire. And the same with my Facebook account…no face…just a page. Maybe I should remove myself from these sites…I don’t want to look like I’m dissing anyone. To not accept someone as a friend on Facebook, or reject someone on LinkedIn seems so harsh. I wouldn’t want anyone to feel badly, or cry themselves to sleep because I refused them.


Yesterday I got a message from a woman on LinkedIn…saying she “remembers me from college and wants to reconnect.” I’m sure she’s a nice person and all…but I’m wondering why she wants to reconnect. Maybe she was duly impressed by my Blogger Extraordinaire status.

But what if she wants to reconnect because of something that I did back in our college days at UVM? What if she wants me to right some wrong?

Maybe I borrowed something from her and she wants it back. (I think I returned her gray Dean’s sweater.) Or maybe I still owe her money for pizza. But worse: What if she is pissed about something I said and it has been festering. Now she wants to come after me and settle the score. Nothing like a little vengeance to fuel the juices for reconnecting.

Okay, now I’m scared…I better go to LinkedIn and hit “REJECT”…just to play it safe. From now on I’m swearing off social networking sites and sticking to blogging only. Blogging is so much safer. With blogging...there are no stalkers, snipers, and sychopaths…just harmless nitwits, ninnies, and nincompoops.



Brianna said...

i actually stumbled across you on linkedln! haha so funny! and i'm on twitter now....you should follow me (an no not in a charles manson way )

big c said...

woah woah woah........ you are on facebook???!!!!!!