Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxing Blog

I hope reading this blog…isn’t too taxing…or isn’t a burden, but because today is April 15th, TAX DAY…I decided to levy a reprint. You probably won’t receive any capital gains from reading it…but do not expect a refund.

Many years ago we lived in Manlius, New York…a town located near Syracuse in a snow belt off of Lake Ontario. To get prepared for our FIRST looong cold winter, we decided to stock up on cut wood for our fireplace. When you are new to town, you are never quite sure who to call, but we had seen an ad in the local town paper: “Wood Man – Wood delivered.”

We gave the Wood Man a call. Who could resist with a name like that? Anyway, the Wood Man delivered his wood and we were in woody heaven that winter. Wood is good.

Winters last forever in Manlius, the snow capital of the world. It felt like we were living in a snow globe every day…like someone was up there shaking our globes. (You know what I mean.) When winter finally ended and it stopped snowing, it was the month of April and taxes were due.

We needed a new accountant…and by chance…found a large ad in the town newspaper: “Call the Tax Man.” PaulA got his tax papers together and I volunteered to drop everything off at the Tax Man’s office.

That was the day I found out that the Tax Man was the Wood Man. Apparently, every spring the Wood Man turns in his axe for a green shade visor. All he has to do to get ready for the new season is turn over his shingle…and sharpen a few pencils.

I got a little nervous wondering what kind of job the Wood Man would do with our taxes. Would he be a professional…or more like a hack?


I couldn’t wait to tell PaulA what I had discovered. Should I break it to him gently or just blurt it out? (Why do I get so much enjoyment from these situations?)

I went for it…”Honey, I dropped off the paperwork for the Tax Man, but I think you should know that the Tax Man is the Wood Man. They are the same guy. Wood Man = Tax Man. Tax Man = Wood Man. You know what I’m saying?” (I was waiting to hear what PaulA was gonna say next. Would he have a major freak out?)

PaulA calmly replied, “The next time you see the Tax Man, make sure to put in an order for a cord of wood. It’s gonna be another cold winter.” (Okay, I admit, I was hoping for at least a minor freak out.)

Happy Tax Day…May your Tax Man know what he is doing…and isn’t barking up the wrong tree.


Jayne said...

haha, that was hilarious

Anonymous said...

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