Thursday, April 29, 2010

Try Me Tuesdays

I hope you didn’t forget last Wednesday. You could be in bigga bigga trouble…with someone who could make your life vera vera miserable. No…not your spouse or significant insignificant. Your secretary. Or like the political correct folks like to call it: Administrative Professional’s Day.

We don’t use the term “secretary” anymore. Secretary is an antiquated word and conjures up images of a buxom red head with perfect posture typing on her Underwood manual typewriter….think Triple D Joan Holloway from Mad men. Take a Letter, Joanie. Today Administrative Assistants come in all genders, sizes, hair colors and persuasions….think tippy-toes Lloyd from Entourage. Take a hike, Lloydy.


I think of Administrative Professional’s Day as a made-up holiday…probably because I’m not in the business of administration…just more in the business of procrastination (that’s why I write this blog.) Administrative Professional’s Day feels like one of those days that Hallmark creates…a day for commercial purposes to sell cards and crap. Like Grandparent’s Day.

Have you ever sent your grandparents a card on Grandparent's Day? BTW…when the heck is it? Hallmark might as well have Jailbird’s Day…when you care enough to send the very best to your favorite prisoner. But I suppose if my grandparent was locked up…I’d definitely send a card.

I think there is also a Boss’ Day. But if you actually gave your boss a gift…you’d probably be accused of sucking up…unless of course you work for a vacuum company. I believe it would be considered natural or common place to suck at work.

Another example: Cyber Monday. That’s the Monday after Thanksgiving when people traditionally hit the internet to order online for the holidays. So is Cyber Monday a gimmick to get people to go online or is it really a trend. Which came first the gimmick or the trend? Or is it just a trendy gimmick?

Wait a minute…that’s what I think I’ll try to get more blog readership…a trendy gimmick.

I am officially declaring Tuesdays … “Try Me Tuesdays.” Tuesdays, would be the perfect day to give Kat’s blog a try. No real investment is required…no money has to cross hands. All you do is…tell your peeps, creeps, friends, and frenemys about my blog and get them to sample it for a day. Tell them that “Try me Tuesdays” is a “for real” day…not some made-up trendy gimmick Hallmark day. (Okay, lie a little.)

And also tell them: Comments are appreciated. But no sucking up is required ….unless of course you work for a vacuum company.

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big C said...

there people here that could find this offensive.....hahahahahaha j/k