Friday, April 2, 2010

H2O Pure and Simple

“Would you prefer bottled, still, tap, mineral, vegetable, gas, no-gas?” Your H20 preference is your first decision when you are out for dinner. The next is alcohol preference…double, triple, up, down, rocks, no rocks?

When I dine out, I always choose tap water…no-gas. Tap…because it’s tasty and FREE. No-gas…because we all have enough natural gas already. I suppose if I was in Mexico, it would be a different story. I’d want bottled water with-gas. Bottled…because mucho germ warfare south of the border. And with-gas…because you gotta keep the bandidos away. Nothing like gas warfare as a good defense.

Bottled water has become the rage because it’s very handasy (new word I made up…handy + easy) to take with you on the field, court, course, and in your purse when you’re sneaking it into the movie theatre.

But where does bottled water come from and what makes it so special? If you have a thirst for this information…keep reading.

Believe it or not…Poland Spring does originate from underground water sources in Maine. Other bottled waters…believe it or not…come from municipal water sources…where they take regular tap water and run it through a filter system. That would be Aquafina and Dasani…not exactly the glacier and crystal clear mountain springs we naturally think of. (Never end a sentence with a preposition, Wishy.) There are some bottled waters, however, that don’t even bother with filters…they’re just tap, straight-up. You could be drinking Cleveland’s Finest.


Does bottled water really taste better than tap? If you lined them up and performed a taste test…I think you wouldn’t be able to tell the bottled from the tap. I hear a taste test of tap water from NYC beat out most bottled. Water-on-tap from NYC might be considered the Dom of Waters...but Guinness-on-tap is, by far, my favorite.

Some folks will buy a particular brand of water over another for status and sport it around the soccer field. Who decided FIJI Water has more cachet than the Stop and Shop brand I bought on sale last week?

I realize plastic packaging from bottles harms the environment, so we should probably limit our consumption. But let’s not limit all bottled waters. Especially water cooler bottles. Otherwise, where would office employees hang out and waste valuable company time…and most importantly, how would we keep the rumor mill churning?

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Brianna said...

PHEWW...the last post was just a joke!

i'm right with ya Kat, tap water is aok with me, but lately i haven't had the pleasure of Poland Spring's finest... more like nalgene bottle after nalgene bottle of tap water from the dining hall...water probably straight from the Charles River!