Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shades of Tiger

What did you think of the shades Tiger Woods was sportin’ during the Masters last week? I don’t ever remember Tiger playing golf tournaments with sunglasses, but apparently Tiger Woods has trouble with allergies…along with apologies…but we already know about that one.

Tiger was quoted as saying, “The pollen was killing me.” This skeptical Kat has 2 other reasons as to why Tiger was wearing shades.

Numero Uno: To distance himself from everyone…so he could hide behind his dark sunglasses and not have to make eye contact with anyone. Numero Duo: He figured people already thought he was a bad-ass, so he might as well keep-up the persona. Oh…and he didn’t want anyone to follow his eyes when he was scouting out the gallery for his next conquest. (Sorry, I couldn’t help slide in a third reason.


Different styles of sunglasses can say a lot about a person.

The mirrored shades say that a person is gregarious and likes people around. Mirrored sunglasses have a way of attracting a crowd. I know I always search out someone wearing them…so I can check out my reflection and see what my hair is doing. And they are especially handy to help you apply your lipstick.

Teashades, the round, wire-rimmed type that John Lennon wore, say that the person is a throwback to yesteryear. Young stars are bringing the look back. I frankly stay away from this type. I’m approaching grannyville soon enough and I don’t need any throwbacks to plant my ass into a rocking chair any sooner.

The Wayfarer style says you are classic and like all things vintage. You probably listen to classic rock stations. You know WHO you are…Rock on.

The aviator style says that, in your dreams, you wish you were as cool as Captain Sullenberger…The Man of Steel Nerves…able to negotiate tall buildings in a single bound.

And Tiger’s Nike Overpass shades, in black, say to everyone: give me my @#$%^ space…or I’ll sneeze on you.

Personally I don’t think Tiger should have worn sunglasses in his first golf appearance since the scandal…even if he truly does have allergies. I think he would have been far better off without them. Red, watery eyes might have gotten Tiger some sympathy votes.

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Jayne said...

haha, great kat.