Friday, April 23, 2010

iSuggestion for iPod

Is it just me?

I own an iPod (like 50 million other people) and think it’s the best invention since Ben and Jerry added chunky to the monkey. I’m actually on my second iPod…the iPod Nano. I love the Nano name…and I think Mork and Mindy would have approved too. Nanoo nanoo.

Do ya feel a but coming? (Try to keep it clean, please.)

BUT…sometimes I have trouble operating the iPod…and I’m not even under the influence… so I’m not exactly sure what my problem is. What I do know is that the circle thingy in the center of the iPod…the control wheel that operates the iPod…needs to be reworked, reconfigured, reinvented. I find the thingy very temporamental. (Kinda like temperamental…but the Japanese version.)

I know the iPod was made to be touch sensitive…but it is a touch too sensitive. And I don’t even have big thumbs. I wonder if Big Papi has trouble operating his iPod…maybe the Apple heads have custom-made an iPod with a bigger wheel for Pops.

When working the volume…there are times when my thumb takes a ride on the wheel and the volume never changes. (What tha?) And then there are times I barely touch the wheel and the volume goes through the roof…and my earbuds. (Say what?)


I know they say you can’t reinvent the wheel…but I’m not asking for that. I say, to heck with reinventment…go with abandonment. Abandon the wheel, Apple heads.

The wheel was man’s first invention…so Apple probably thought they were being very clever with using a wheel. But I think the volume should be on a different control thingy. Like maybe a straight line arrow (without the feathers)…another early invention by man. Ugga ugga.

It has been my passion to help companies enhance their products and grow their bottom line. I’ve been working on General Mills to add chocolate chunks to their Cocoa Puff cereal…Chunky Cocoa Puffs. (It looks encouraging…so far they’ve said they will get back to me…and they know where I live.)

I hope Apple listens to my proposed iSuggestion for improving their product. I wouldn’t want any Apple heads to roll…because they missed out on another great Kat concept.

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Brianna said...

i was actually telling my friends about how you are coocoo for cocoa puffs! and i like your new idea! the wheel is too primitive!