Thursday, April 8, 2010

Art Buff

Are you an art buff? Maybe an art history buff? Or just prefer art in the buff?

I enjoy art and have been to a few wonderful museums in some major cities…NYC, Chicago, and Boston. And also the Mama Mia of all locations….museums in Italy…Rome, Florence, and Venice.

If you prefer really old art...there’s nothing better than Italian museums. If you prefer art in the buff…you can’t complain either….plenty of naked statutes in Italy. If I must expose the naked truth…you can barely move without a barely clothed statue that is very easily seen with the naked eye.

Take the David for example…Michelangelo’s amazing marble sculpture located in the Galleria Dell’Accademia, Florence. It takes your breath away when you stand next to it….good for the art buff…and equally good for the lover of art in the buff. No fig leaves attached.

Everyone interprets art differently. I remember taking a tour in Florence and the guide explaining the symbolism in different paintings. I think some paintings are easy to explain. A still life of a basket of fruit means…there was nothing better to paint that day…the naked models had the day off.

For hundreds of years people have had their opinion of what Mona Lisa’s smile represents. We really don’t know. And those who say they know what her smile is about…I’m just not buying it. Plus I hear it's not For Sale. Personally I believe Mona Lisa was framed…and her smile is really a smirk… which means she’s hiding a dirty little secret. But then my other educated opinion is that she has allowed a gas bubble to escape…and Mona’s not owning up to it.


Whatever your preference for art…I would suggest a trip to your nearest museum and support the arts….buff or no buff. Fig leaf or no fig leaf.

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