Monday, April 12, 2010


I watched the show MythBusters on the Discovery Channel for the first time. Have you seen it? Each episode takes a popular belief, internet rumor, or other myth, and tries to prove or disprove it using science.

The episode I watched focused on the myth that “the more you drink, the better-looking the opposite sex will become.” The theory seemed like a no-brainer…like a DUH to prove. Alcohol has a tendency to act as rose-colored glasses, so you won’t be as critical. Of course, your standards would be lowered…right down to the basement level…next to the dusty holiday decortions. But I thought the actual test to prove the “DUH myth” made for compelling, must-see TV. So I stayed tuned.

The test: 2 men and 1 woman were asked to rate pictures of the opposite sex from 1-10 and then come up with a total number score. They rated pictures of faces three different times…sober, buzzed, and blasted.

Guess what? The MythBusters proved what we all know. After enough drinks circulating in your veins…even Roseanne Barr will look good. It was a fun experiment to watch as the participants raised their level of alcohol…with every raised glass. “Hey Bartender, bring me another cosmo….I’ve got something to prove. Hiccup. I think.”


I remember back in the day when I was a lab rat/kat involved in scientific experiments. I was the actual “subject” in experiments in the Psychology Department at UVM. Not that I was a head case…but I volunteered my psyche to the study of the human mind…and to make some fast cash.

PaulA and one of his buddies also believed in contributing to the advancement of science…so they too signed up for psyche experiments. No surprise…their particular experiments involved alcohol. In the name of science...they enjoyed a double bonus….Bucks and a Buzz.

I wonder if UVM still uses students as human guinea pigs in their psychology experiments. Not that I felt like a guinea, or a pig…I eagerly volunteered to take part in those experiments. Besides…I am a benevolent and altruistic person and believe in helping mankind. Plus I didn’t know of a quicker and easier way to pick up some extra bucks for pizza.

I did draw the line, however, when the experimenters suggested hooking electrodes up to my head. Contrary to a popular myth on campus…No large, pepperoni, extra cheese, pizza was worth shock therapy to my head.

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