Friday, April 9, 2010


Can’t control your chocolate cravings? Hiding a little choco stash from yourself (and others?) Find yourself sneaking back to your stash of sweet confections?

I’m afraid YOU may be a CHOCOHOLIC.

Hey, if Tiger can be addicted to sex, then people can be addicted to chocolate. Like Tiger...Chocoholics can’t control their cravings. Although, Tiger’s cravings were more skanky…than sweet.


There is a new product on the market to control these cravings. It’s called Le Whif - chocolate flavored AIR. (The Harvard professor who invented Le Whif is currently laughing his way to a Swiss chocolate bank.)

Le Whif comes in a plastic tube that you place in your nose and inhale. The essence of chocolate is supposed to control your cravings. There is no guilt because there are no calories. So go ahead…make your day… inhale away.

The particles in Le Whif are said to be small enough so they won’t enter your lungs and do harm. Okay, that may be true…but I think other risks could be associated with Le Whif. Le Whiffing could EASILY become habit forming.

Prolonged use…could leave Whif users wanting more to reach chocolate ecstasy. Users could become abusers and look for other means to get their chocolate fix. I wonder if that Harvard professor is working on a chocolate injection. (Note to self: Beat Harvard prof to a patent.)

Increased whiffing could lead to damage to the membranes of your nostrils…eventually destroying your entire nose. Whiffing abusers would be easy to spot. Le Whif could also lead to unsafe health practices. A Le Whif user should never, ever share their tube with another user.

Le Whif reminds me of the Vicks Nasal plastic tubes we had around the house when I was growing up. I used to stick those suckers up my nose for breathing relief whenever I was congested from a cold. Ahhh…. I became addicted to the menthol. I had to swear-off Vicks Nasal tubes forever. I was one nostril away from a total blow-out. Luckily I moved on to the less invasive Vicks Body Rub.

Hold on….light bulb moment. Maybe that is what the Harvard professor should invent next… a chocolate rub. Le Rub. Just rub the chocolate contents all over your body. It should come with a warning. Caution: Product may stain clothing. So go ahead…make your day…rub away.


Brianna said...

i can't believe this!!!! this Harvard prof should make Le Whif in ice cream flavor.... :)

Brianna said...

i can't believe this!!!! this Harvard prof should make Le Whif in ice cream flavor.... :)

Jayne said...

haha, good one Bri