Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cyberworld katOUTcast

One thing I’ve learned about Cyberworld. You ain’t NOBODY in the world of Cyber…until you have at least 1,000 Twits following you on Twitter…..or pluralous (new word I invented) peeps leaving comments on your blog. Officially that makes me a cyberworld katOUTcast.

Okay, this isn’t a Kat pittyparty for one. No party favors here.

Sometimes when I get out… (Okay, occasionally they let me out) and one conversation leads to another …I end up revealing my inadequacies. “Yes, I have a blog.” Otherwise, people would get the scary picture that I’m sitting on my fat ass all day. (Hey, sometimes I blog standing up.)

Then I’m asked, “How many readers do you have?” I scratch my head and start impressing them with my list. “Well, I know for sure, there’s Sam Adams from Boston, Morgan from Captainwood, Jose from Cuervo, Ginny in Gordon. Oh, and the Gallo Brothers from Boones Farm. They might be few in number, but they are high in spirits.”

Or worse…I’m asked, “Do you get a lot of comments on your blog?” Then I am forced to explain the lack of commentatorship (Love making words up.) I give excuses for my readers not always commenting...with obvious legit reasons: they are missing a few phalanges, shy, or sleeping it off.

Then they’ll say, “Well, you should read my friends blog. OMG It is so good and so funny.” And they proceed to tell me how their friend’s blog is the bomb diggity…fo sho…and that their friend’s blog get hundreds of hits per day and pluralous commentatorship.


I’m given a 3mm thread of hope that they will join my readership when they give me their Scouts promise saying, “I will definitely read your blog and leave a comment. What’s your blog address?”

Conveniently, they NEVER EVER have paper…so I dig through my purse and find a crumpled Luke’s Liquors receipt. I write my blog address down on the back…being very careful to spell it out clearly: Kat’siwon’


1 comment:

Brianna said...

i still comment!
maybe you should make business cards, they're sturdier than luke liquors receipts ;)