Monday, April 19, 2010

Google My World

Can you think of anything handier than Google? Well, besides the George Foreman George-To- Go Outdoor Propane Grill and Griddle…AS SEEN ON TV. That grill is smoking.

I don’t know about your habits, but I’m a habitual Googler. I probably google 30 times a day and sometimes more. (Don’t cha love how Google has become a verb?) There are days I get so Google happy, I can’t stop myself.

If I need to answer an important question like “How old is Vanna White?”…I run to my laptop and bring up Google. Google is helpful for looking up any fact…and is why I continue to look like a Brainiac in my blog. (BTW, Vanna is looking pretty good for age 52.)

In the era of B.G. – time Before Google…I remember using the World Book Encyclopedia to help me with life’s mysteries and school reports. I felt so fortunate that we had our very own green and white hard-cover bound pages of knowledge. It’s probably the reason I got such killer grades on school reports. I remember using Volume “U” -“V” for a report on the great State of Vermont and placing tracing paper over the picture of the state bird and coloring it in. That report was A + material…complete with graphics.


I have always wondered how Google works. (I’m also still trying to figure how an airplane gets off the ground.) I know it is a search engine and has something to do with web pages and web servers…and it uses creepy crawlers and tags…HTML tags…Meta tags…… TAG YOUR IT. But I’ve never understood how info got onto the internet in the first place. Was there someone in Walla Walla, Washington locked in a room with a set of World Book Encyclopedias entering information into a computer. “A”…aardvark…nocturnal mammal with a long nose that hoovers ants.

I’m sure you’ve noticed on the Google homepage there is the option of choosing either “Google Search” or “I’m Feeling Lucky.” Have you ever chosen “I’m Feeling Lucky?” I would venture to say 9 out of 10 people have not. Why is it even there? Today I used it for the FIRST TIME to find out what the heck it was or does. Turns out, it brings up different pages. But it still confounds me. (Question to Google folks….Are you just messin’ with us with that Lucky button?)

I wonder if after I post this blog …and google “Google My World”…would actually come up? That would be the COOLEST. If it doesn’t….then I think I’ll give the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option a try.

If that fails…I might have to send my blog to that human in Walla Walla.

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