Monday, May 3, 2010

In the Groove

I know this is going to make me SOUND ancient, but I remember the days when we actually played our records on a record player. You remember records don’t you…those vinyl discs with grooves?

My record player was my prize possession. I remember getting it for Christmas when I was in Junior High School and thinking it was so groovy. I must have been good that year to get something so special and not just the standard socks and underwear. As you can see from the pic…I actually still have it. (Don’t ask why.) It had a hook-up for a headset and a handle so I could carry it with me. It was my 10-pound iPod.

I still own the grooviest collection of 45’s you could have. I have 45’s of all the top 40’s from the 60’s and 70’s. And I actually have a few 45’s that belonged to my sister Sistersludge. (Lets keep that a secret.) I keep them in my record box that I decorated with labels I made with my label maker: “Kat the Great” and “Do not touch…or I will sock it you.” I was a bossy, possessive Kat…even back then.

My parents owned a stereo…which was actually a piece of wood furniture. A stereo cabinet with 4 legs. We would polish our prize possession every week and display family pictures on top. The amazing thing about the stereo was that you could stack a bunch of records and it would play for hours. It made the coolest sounds when the next record dropped from the stack. To replay a record…all you had to do was leave the arm stacker to the side. We were so WOWed by the technology.

My mother had a great collection of the records with more grooves…the 33s…the grand daddies of the 45s. I’ll never forget her ‘Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’ album. The cover showed a picture of a woman covered in whip clothes. Woah...put some clothes on chica. My face would get red whenever I saw the album cover. A friend, who heard this story, gave me the CD version just to see my reaction. I don’t blush anymore.

Through the years, technology has changed and progressed…from 78s, 45s, 33s, 8 track, CDs, Mp3s. I might sound like a broken record, but it is fun to replay the days when stereos and record players ruled. I do, however, have to go on record as saying…"the iPod is a pragmatic and sound idea for the treadmill."


Brianna said...

45's are not dead! i listened to michael jackson's thriller album last year on graduation day morning....eerie timing

Jayne said...

LOL, I actually remember the case you stored your records in. Remember the time you wrote: Jayne loves Bruce Springteen on my album?