Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Ahhh…Memorial Day the official start to summer…that means you can sink your teeth into burgers, beers, baked beans, and brownies...legitimately.

And for you fashionistas…that means you can wear white…legitimately. As you know...there is an unwritten rule about not wearing white before Memorial Day. Apparently there are many violaters walking around wearing...ummm.... “alabaster.” No worries...I haven’t made any reports to the fashion police. I’ve got your alabaster back.

In New England the summer barbecue season is short. Good weather comes in like a bang on Memorial Day. Then we kick it up a notch. BAM!’s the Fourth of July. BAM!’s Labor Day. Although things can get spicy, we only get an Essence of summer.

Because New Englanders get short changed in the warm weather department, we have to live each summer day to the fullest, otherwise we’re looking for a refund. We have to get everything into 12 weeks or, tennis, jarts, naps in the hammock. If I’m a little sparse with my blogs this summer…that is because I’m cramming summer in. Or maybe I got nothin’...which might not surprise you.


I love a parade. And nothing screams Hometown, USA more than a parade. I remember waving to our kids in brownies, girl scouts, and cub scouts during our town’s Memorial Day parade. Seeing their sweet little faces smiling back. Watching the local high school band and Veterans march by, followed by every town official...and the highlight of the parade....the town’s 2 fire trucks.

I also remember Memorial Days as a majorette marching in front of my high school marching band. Strutting my stuff down Main Street. Concentrating on not dropping the baton in the middle of the street and getting run over by the band while I tried to retrieve it. A MAJORette nightmare.

But let’s get serious here. (Can you, Kat?) Memorial Day really is about honoring the men and women who have served, protected, and given their lives for our country and our freedom.

So enjoy Memorial Day...attend a parade, fly the American flag, wear red, white, and blue..and have a barbecue. Have your picnics, pig roasts, and pig-outs. Celebrate the American Way….because that is what the brave men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country would want you to do.

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Sistersledge said...

Thank you to all veterans and service men and women! We enjoyed watching the Essex (VT) Memorial Day Parade. No majorettes though, bummer!

p.s. I love this picture!