Monday, May 24, 2010

Dump Happy

I had 3 dumps last weekend…and it felt great. I am Dump Happy. (Got your attention yet? Gee, the crap I have to write to command any attention.)

I happen to love going to The Dump. The Landfill. The Big Wastebasket. There is something so freeing after leaving my waste behind…(enough with the double entendres, Kat.) I get so much more enjoyment from making dump runs than curbside trash pickup…although I must admit, curbside pickup of Duncandog’s dumps would be nice.

I always try to be a respectful dumper. Or is that recycler? I care about the environment…so I make sure to put the proper items in their respective containers…cardboard, bottles, plastic, etc. Sometimes I get confused with a crossover item…like my auto-pouring, battery-operated, aluminum-bottomed vodka bottle with plastic cap.

My last dump run…I threw out a mirror. I think if you first kiss the mirror before throwing it out, then you are absolved of 7 years of bad luck. To make double sure on my luck…I made-out with the mirror. Then after I looked at myself in it for one final time, I tossed that sucker into Kingdom Come….it just never made me look good enough.

My favorite pile at the dump is by far the pile for televisions. We disposed of a defunct 1980’s TV that had done its last flash dance…so we respectfully laid it to rest next to the other televisions. Electronics like to be buried together…I think, because they travel in the same circuits. It’s kinda sad to see all these old devices piled together with their wires hanging out and knobs loose. (Reminds me of people as we mature…with our wires and knobs not working like they used to.)


A trip to the dump makes me stop and think about the environment. It’s amazing to think of what one family throws away…and then to think of everyone in the world. It truly boggles my mind.

For some reason lately I’ve been in the mood for good and productive dumps. I just don’t understand why I have so much stuff. And it troubles me to think that I was the one that brought most our stuff into the house.

Now I’m a firm believer in the quote “Less crap is More crap.” I guess that is what happens to you once you’ve had 3 dumps in one weekend.

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