Monday, May 10, 2010

Berklee Alum

Congratulations to my favorite musician....Colinboy.

This past Saturday, May 8th, Colin graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Being the emotional dishrag that I am...a montage of his younger years played through my I stared at Colin in a folding chair donning his cap and gown...waiting to be called to the stage.

And when I heard his name announced over the microphone...heard Colin’s name resonate and reverberate though the was music to my ears. When he took the stage to shake the hands of the Honorary Doctorate of Music recipients (songwriters Gamble and Huff...Love Train/Me and Mrs. Jones/ BackStabbers /If you don’t know me by now/When will I see you again/and thousands of others) receive his degree... the musical score playing along with the montage of pictures in my head culminated with the bang of the kettledrums and crash of the cymbals.

During that crescendo in time...there was nothing that could have taken my attention away. Not even my long time idol Barbra Streisand who was there with James Brolin to see his daughter, Molly, graduate. Even if Barbra wanted to sing a duet with me....I would refrain. Don’t Rain on my Parade, Barbra. These are my Memories.

On a side note...I can’t even say how cosmic it is that I would be sitting at the same college graduation with Barbra Streisand...after fan worshipping her all these years and inscribing her song “Something so right” in our wedding bands.


Colinboy has been looking forward to graduation...eager to get started in the business of making music. His graduation day...a day that seemed so far in the distant future...finally arrived for him...the day to set him on his new path to follow his dreams.

Colinboy has a least that is his pitch...even if he has to improvise....which comes naturally for musicians. Tune in to see where his music takes him.

One thing can’t be is Colin’s excitement, energy, and ambition to get things a song comes together with melody, harmony, and rhythm.

I couldn’t be prouder of any measure...on any scale...or any meter. For Colinboy...his graduation day marks the start of a new musical beginning...and a new status on Facebook: college graduate.

Rock On, Colin!


Anonymous said...

Kat -- this is wonderful news. Congratulations to all of you! -- Laura

big C said...

Oh this was really cute!! It makes me sad that I could not be there to see my little brother graduate!!! You did "something so right" with raising us and i love you mommmmy!

Sistersledge said...

Nicely said Chelsea! Congratulations to Colin the Rock Star! Kat will you still call him Colinboy?