Thursday, May 13, 2010

WWMD...What Would MacGyver Do?

We’ve all heard about the explosion of the BP oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana, spilling oil into the water at a rate of 5000 barrels a day…on April 20th. And to think it isn’t fixed yet…and it is May 13th.

BP is being criticized for having no plans in the event of an oil spill. Heck, there should always be a “Just In Case Plan” for a possible emergency. Every mom knows that. That’s why she brings wipes, bags, rags, snacks, drinks, books, video games, and a porta-potty on every outing with her kids…even to the bus stop.

BP engineers and scientists seem to be flying by the seat of their slippery asses. Apparently their latest Jerry-oilrig proposal for a 100-ton concrete and steel containment dome was not a slick idea.

Come on BP. We all know the perfect solution involves a MacGyver resolution. You remember MacGyver? The guy who could solve any problem with duct tape, paper clips, a ball-point pen, and a Swiss army knife. Apparently there are others who are now thinking like MacGyver. What would MacGyver do?

There is a hairdresser in Alabama who is using his noggin for more than a hat rack for a “Roll Tide” cap. After seeing otters’ fur completely saturated in oil during the Exon Valdez disaster …he figured out hair naturally absorbs oil and made a hair mat to test it. I could have told him about oily hair…but men like to figure things out the hard way.

Now pantyhose is being filled with old hair and dog fur (even Petco grooming centers are participating.) Duncandog is feeling pretty special about helping stupid humans…with his last donation at Petco. I also want to help with hair donations. Kats never like to be outdone by dogs…especially because they know they are so much smarter.


I particularly love the other recent proposal to block the spewing oil: stuff the well with golf balls, rubber tires "and other junk.” All they need to add is some duct tape, paper clips, and a Bic pen…for true MacGyver workmanship.

Who needs scientists and engineers…when this world is full of MacGyvers?