Friday, May 14, 2010

Bieber Fever

Do you have Bieber Fever?

Don’t worry, if you are anywhere near my age, you are immune…even if you’ve been travelling out of the country. Besides Bieber Fever is only contagious…if you happen to like pop music sung by a 16-year old boy with a pre-pubescent voice and sweeping bangs. “Baby, Baby, oh Baby”…I’m talking about Justin Bieber.

Bieber Fever mostly affects young girls…pre-teens to teens. They are the ones who get the sickest…actually going out of their minds… delirious, crazed, and berserk. Someone call a doctor. Turns out there is Bieber Fever all around the globe with teenyboppers screaming, crying, and selling their younger siblings for concert tickets. They had to cancel a concert for safety reasons in Australia because of crowd control and, I think, kangaroos.

I had been hearing a distant buzz surrounding The Bieb…but never gave it much attention. I heard there was some cute kid, with a cute smile, and cute hair new to the pop music scene….but I have to admit, I was wondering what the big commotion about. And then I got it.

I saw young Bieber on the Oprah Show and now I understand that if I was umpteen years younger…I might turn myself inside and out…and scream my fool head off too.


So what does young Bieber think when he sees screaming 8 - 12 year olds at his concerts? Is it un-cool to have an audience made up of thousands of pre-teens with braces? He probably doesn’t worry….he has Britney, Lindsay, and Miley to follow. They all started with audiences that enjoyed a good game of dodgeball at recess.

Miley Cyrus started as the squeaky clean Hannah Montana chick…now she’s a dirty fowl. She has a new video out…where she is scantily dressed in a black corset and black feathers…in a bird cage. With the release of that video, she left the Disney World and her goody-good image behind…as fast as she could say, “The Lady and the Tramp.”

So The Bieb just has to hang on…chew some bubble gum, smile his cute smile, sing his cute songs…then he can morph into Bad Boy Bieber.

One suggestion for The Bieb…he might want to do that before those teenyboppers become cured of Bieber Fever…before The Bieb’s voice changes and his bangs become a beard.…and a new teenybopper heart throb arrives on the scene…bringing a new illness.

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big C said...

Have you ever been on

He has the scoop on all celebs, and blogs... this is what he wrote about Justin Bieber the other day.... thought you'd enjoy this..funny!

The kid is everywhere - even at baseball games!

Last week, Justin Bieber threw out the opening pitch at the White Soxs vs. Royals game. Fans thought that would be the end of him, but they were very wrong!

When White Sox's Mark Teahen stepped to the plate, the air was filled with the sounds of Bieb's hit Baby!

Even major league baseball players have Bieber Fever!

When asked why he traded in his usual batting mix for Justin's jam, he admitted that his girlfriend is a fan and he likes the particular song. He even has it on his iPhone!