Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amoeba in Organicville

I don’t know about YOU…but I love amoebae. (Okay Kat, that was random.) I fondly remember studying amoebae in biology class…and watching them move under a microscope slide. They live such a chill and laid-back existence. They could be considered the Jimmy Buffett of the protozoan world…because they are masters of taking it easy. Oh, to be a protozoan.

Life is so simple when you are a single-celled protozoan. All you have to do is hang-out and blob around decaying organic material…nothing too pressing going on at the bottom of the pond. Wasted Away in decaying Organicville.

You have no definite shape to worry about…and your jelly-like substance is cytoplasm instead of cellulite…which has to look better. You don’t have to think about the last time you engulfed. When you want food…you just wrap yourself around it...and bring it in to the fold. Actually the blobbier you are…the better. I think I once observed an amoeba engulf a cheeseburger in paradise.

And as an amoeba…you are one smart single cell. You have a nucleus which is a “brain” to control your cellular activities. And if you are a really lucky amoeba, you have two or more nuclei. Two heads have to better than one…unless one is a parrot head.

It is amazing to watch an amoeba reproduce by splitting itself in half. Go ahead and watch. Don’t worry…you aren’t considered a Peeping Tom when you watch an amoeba reproduce because it is asexual. Asexual reproduction is not the same thing in my book as you-know-what. But if you get too much enjoyment from watching…you probably would be considered weird.


Even though the life of an amoeba is chill and easygoing…I’m pretty sure most humans would draw the line in pond scum before becoming one…especially because of that asexual reproduction thing.

Oh and another thing….if this blog sounds way too random and you are wondering where it's coming from....Remember, "It’s Five O’clock Somewhere.”

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