Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Captain Obvious

How often do you click a headline on your computer’s homepage? Those e-teasers are designed to keep you glued to your computer...so you don’t get anything accomplished in a day. So I’ve heard.

I can never resist the urge to click on tidbits of information because I think they could be helpful. The other day, the e-teaser headline that caught my eye was: "5 Way to Turn Off Employers." I thought I might learn something I could pass on to Colinboy, a recent college grad. I quickly figured out that…I, Kat the blogger, could have written the article…even though I haven’t faced or even butted-up against an employer in eons.

As I read the article, I wondered if real people get paid real money to write these so-called real articles. The “information” seemed so obvious, Captain.

5 Ways to Turn Off Employers:

Number One: Captain Obvious says... "Do not be too early for the interview.”
Maybe the Captain should add…If you are bringing your sleeping bag and camping outside the building the night before the interview…you are too early. An interview is not the same as a Wham concert. I mean, Dave Matthews concert.

Number two: Captain Obvious says…“Don’t let your desperation show.”
Why not add: Don’t resort to intimidation. Yanking the tie of the interviewer to get his attention, or standing on his desk in Norma Rae defiance is not recommended.

Number three: Captain Obvious says… “Don’t be too aggressive with your follow-up.”
Captain Obvious...please add: If you are accidently-on-purpose running into your prospective employer at the grocery store…or running along side him on the treadmill at their gym....bad, bad idea.

Number Four: Captain Obvious says… “Don’t trash talk about anyone.”
I might add: Unless you are on the basket ball court, name calling and backstabbing is not advised. (But if you are on the court, make sure to tell The Shaq your mother plays bball better than he does...even in combat boots.)

Number Five: Captain Obvious says…“Don’t Lack direction.”
Okay, add: If your only goal is to get the job…and then to coast from there on out...with sick time, personal days, and naps in the employee lunch room…do not share.


I guess I should stop ragging on Captain Obvious. Otherwise he might have to state the obvious...."the Captain has more readership…than that of said, Kat, the Blogger."

Beam me up, Captain.

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