Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fast Forward

We live in a fast, fast world. We have fast cars, a fast internet, and many fast women. Problem is…we want our fast stuff even faster. We want things in an instant. Even our instant has gotten quicker. With instant messaging...we’ve come a long way from instant potatoes.

There was a time when the pony express was considered fast. It connected the east coast with the west coast in just 2 short weeks. Pony Express rider Percy would jump on Ole Silver in Missouri carrying a poignant letter from Joe to his brother, Jack in Sacramento…”Dear Jack, How are things in California?” And later Jack would respond in his letter “Dear Joe, Everything is fine. How are things in Missoura?” It might take a month or so before Joe and Jack knew they were fine.

Now it makes absolutely no horse sense to wait even a minute for our mail to go from Topeka to Tokyo with email.

Maybe we need to slow down a little. Chill…Bill. Sit a spell…Belle. What’s the big damn hurry?

Okay, I’ll get off my high horse and admit that I have joined the ranks of the FASTidious generation. I used to have patience for the pony express pace, but with advancements in technology…I’ve gone from 0 to 100mph…lickity split…and no horse could do that…not even Secretariat.

The sick thinks is when I’m at home…I’m on both my desktop computer and my laptop. I use my laptop when I have my desktop sending, uploading, and downloading. Otherwise I would be sitting staring at the same screen. Waiting even a minute for the computer…feels like an entire 60 seconds…and that has turned into an eternity.

Anywho………Fast Forward……….

Everything has gotten speedy…making a fast buck, making fast Facebook friends, eating fast food, pulling a fast one…and food fasting….before colonoscopies.

I can’t even type this blog fast and furious enough. I should be able to think the words and have the computer type out my thoughts. Luckily it appears that this new wave of technology is fast approaching…putting my blogging tendencies on a fast track...from Missoura to Sacramento.

Hi Ho Silver.


big C said...

haha this is very funny, and very true!!

big C said...

haha this is very funny, and very true!!