Monday, March 8, 2010

The Stinky Open

It is one thing to win the Masters, or The US Open…but The Waste Management Open??? Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

That’s what Hunter Mahem did in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hunter was knee deep in Waste Management and somehow came through smelling like a rose. A Black Rose. I think a guy with a name like Hunter…would have figured out a way to blast through the last green…and shoot to come in second. Hey, that’s what I would have done. I would have aimed to stink up the last hole.

Forget going for first place. I wouldn’t want my name connected with waste management. To me, the idea of winning that one would absolutely stink to high heaven. “And the winner of the 2010 Malodor Open…Hunter Mahem.”

It’s too bad that Tiger wasn’t around to play in the Waste Management Open…and not busy with his sex addiction therapy (another blog waiting to be written.) Tiger would have easily won it…and no surprise to us…we’re already accustomed to seeing Tiger’s name associated with trash. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist trashing and bagging Tiger there.)

First, as we all know…waste management is a dirty job, but someone has do it. But ya think the sponsors could come up with a better name. Although I admit, Waste Management does have a better ring to it than the Dump Open, Dispose Open, or Refuse Open.

Back in the day…the tournament used to be The Phoenix Open. But sponsors want to get recognition and advertisement for sponsoring the tournament…so they want their name out there. I guess things could have sounded worse for Hunter. The company sponsoring the tournament could have been in the business of helping guys with manly problems. Hunter could have won the 2010 Jock Itch Open. Scratch Here.

“They” tribute Mahem’s win in the Waste Management Open to his perseverance. I think it would take a lot to play golf in Waste Management for 4 days…that’s the ultimate in perseverance. So I have to give Hunter kudos. I wonder what technique he used for his win. I’m guessing a clothespin.

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Sistasledge said...

Tony Soprano was in Waste Management!