Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Thoughts

I just realized I hadn’t written anything about the Olympics. With the closing ceremony held last night, this posting is Post-Olympic.

Let’s see what Olympic thoughts I have regarding the games.

It seemed like every time I turned on the TV to watch the Olympics, there was a bobsled race. I agree with PaulA …. “Why do they always have to use Bob’s sled? (Please excuse PaulA’s ridiculous humor….as you know, mine is so much more sophisticated.)

NBC periodically would throw in a tease: “Women’s figure skating coming up in 5 minutes.” So I’d patiently watch, team after team, take Bob’s sled…then FINALLY…the figure skaters would be televised. But they would only show 4 skaters…a few short jumps and spins later….they would have Bob’s freaking sled out again….banging it all up to hell.

But there were many Amazing Races…like Shaun Gold…I mean, White. It's amazing what he can do on a snowboard. Apolo OhYes…amazing with what he can do on speed skates. And it’s amazing what Jimbo, from the USA, can do with a stack of ham sandwiches…polishing them off in a record two and a half minutes…with a clean delivery…nothing on his shirt.

Some athletes got Gold, some Silver, some Bronze, and some Hurt…physically and mentally. I was thinking how it must stink to come in Fourth….one place short of the podium. Fourth is definitely the hardest place to land. Kinda like missing the runway by a nose.

Props to the Canadians for winning the gold in both men and women’s hockey. I guess they have earned the bragging rights, eh? Their win will make PaulA’s trip to Montreal today so much easier…a place where they live and breathe hockey locker rooms.

All in all…the 2010 Olympics were excellent…with many memorable story lines. Now that they have ended, I think it is about time someone gave Bob his sled back... preferably in good condition.

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Anonymous said...

how about a jim bob or bobbie sue sled