Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring

Spring (the Vernal Equinox) officially arrived last Saturday, March 20th. But we don’t need the calendar to tell us that spring has sprung.

There are obvious signs to let us know spring is in the air.…daylight savings time change, MLB spring training, crocus blooms, greening grass, and Duncandog’s calling cards. After a long winter, Duncandog’s calling cards are left standing after the winter snow has melted away. They have magically appeared, but are NOT magically delicious.

When temps are below freezing and the snow is piled high…weiny Duncandog does his business quickly and runs right back to the door. He never gets as far as the woods…quickly leaves his duty in the snow, and makes a mad dash to the house. So when spring arrives and all the snow melts…his land mines are everywhere. Someone has the job to detonate them…and that would be Private First Class Kat.
So while I am in the backyard on CP (Crap Patrol)…cleaning up his duty…HIS Royal Highness…HRH The Royal Rump Roast…is in the backyard with me...meticulously tiptoeing around. For some reason it ticks me off to see him…carefully negotiating his piles…so he doesn’t end up with his feetsie in one of his mounds.

And I can hear what Duncandog is thinking, as he supervises, “Come on Kat…get this yard cleaned up. Can’t you see how hard it is for me to navigate around all this shit? Why don’t you do a better of job of staying up with this? Cut the crap and get with it.”

Happy Spring. Hello pooper scooper.

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