Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A change is gonna come

Some people like to change things up…change their hair color, change their hair-do, change their underwear. I don’t mind change, but sometimes it takes me a while before I change things around. Although, you’d be happy to know…I regularly change my underwear.

Growing up, my mother consistently made changes to the décor in our house...like with the color scheme in the bathroom…changing towels, shower curtain, rug. She changed the living room furniture so often…the couch should have been on wheels. I’d come home from school and find everything had been rotated to the left. What up wit dat?

I’m the opposite. The furniture in my own house has not been moved since the day we moved in…almost 14 years ago. Okay, I have moved it to clean underneath….I’m not dirtykat...but then, I move things right back into place.

As you may have noticed. ..I’ve slowly made some changes to the appearance of my blog. I finally added pics to my blog, which was a wise suggestion by Big C. And Colinboy suggested I add some more color to my blog page.

But on my own…I’ve decided to go for the major over-haul…the major make-over….the major facelift. Don’t get excited now….I’m only talking about my blog…not my personal appearance.

I’ve decided to change the name of my blog from Just Your Average Family. I decided I wasn’t giving our family enough credit by lumping us all into the average category. Collectively, we have a slight advantage over the average family...we have Duncandog…Rappa D. Yo Yo.

So I’m working on coming up with a new name for my blog. There are so many possibilities:

Kat’s Krap
Kitty Kat’s Krappy Korner
Krappy Kat’s Kitty Korner
Korner Kat’s Krappy Kitty

Just soooo soooo many possibilities….and if you have a particular suggestion…something I should contemplate...drop it here.

Tune into tomorrow………when I make the big reveal. Don’t worry, I’ll be keeping my clothes on.

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