Thursday, March 25, 2010

Medium at Large


…I saw those words written on a sign outside a shop and wondered…"What the heck? Medium?" It took me a minute before I realized “medium” was actually a psychic.
With the economy and such, it looks like the market for a medium is small…especially if a medium is resorting to large advertisements to find someone to con….that’s right, work with.

Do you believe in mediums and all that hocus pocus? I would say I’m a skepticalKat regarding those who profess to see dead people…or have conversations with someone who has passed. Supposedly, these people have a sixth sense. I actually think they have seven…non sense. And have you noticed that Tarot card readers are only playing with half a deck?

I don’t want to split hairs, toe nails, or eyes of newt…but to be perfectly clear, a psychic reads your aura…while a medium delivers messages from those who've passed over. Therefore, all mediums are psychics...although not all psychics are mediums. But all nut jobs are wacky.


I’ve watched TV shows about mediums and wondered how much was real…and how much was real bunk. The medium will ask questions to make you believe he is in contact with your loved one. He’ll say, “Your grandmother was a woman, correct? She had gray hair and didn’t move very fast as she grew older...Am I correct?”

If you've put yourself in a position where you are actually sitting across from a psychic, medium, or crack pot…you want to believe the medium is in contact with your loved one. So you fall for it all…hook, line, and crystal ball. “OMG…that’s my grandmother to a T…gray hair and all. Amazing.”

I admit, I do have a burning question to ask about my future…so I might see a psychic and have her gaze into her crystal ball to find the answer: “Will Kat ever become ‘Queen of Blogworld'?"

Should the crystal ball answer: “Don’t count on it”….I’ll have the psychic shake the ball, until it reads: “Signs point to yes.” Or my other favorite answer: “It is decidedly so.”

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PaulA will forever be in your future! - world famous Medium