Thursday, March 18, 2010


Did you hear about the expectant woman who agreed to name her baby Megatron if her brother got one million fans on Facebook? It looks like Megatron is going to happen…her brother has 868,212 fans already…and the baby isn’t due until August.

Megatron, named after the toy Transformer, might be a strange name, but I’ve heard of parents coming up with worse. Being born to level-headed parents with more than half a brain is the luck of the draw…so you have to hope you don’t end up with the Scarecrow for your father and Kellie Calamari Pickler for your mother.

Your name is something you have no vote over. I suppose you have the option of changing it when you get older…but then you have to worry about offending your parents. “Oh Stinky…we’re sorry you don’t like your name. You think it’s foul?”

I like to think our kid’s names were from parents with well-developed frontal lobes. Chelsea was named after Jane Fonda’s character in “On Golden Pond”….special because of my connection to Chelsea, Vermont. Colin was named from the Rob Lowe character in the movie, “Oxford Blues” and a perfect match with his Irish heritage. And I loved the nickname, Bri, when I first heard it…and loved Brianna even more. Also of Irish, Gaelic origin.


If you had to name a baby now…what name would you choose? How about Le-a? It’s pronounced le dash a. As the woman who gave it to her daughter was quoted as saying…the “dash don’t be silent.” Half a brain there.

You could be clever and name your baby after a corporation. There are 4 boys in the U.S. called ESPN. I wonder if they pronounce it as 4 separate letters, or pronounce it as one word…so it sounds like…Espen.

I don’t think you should try to be clever when naming your child. I’m not saying you should name your daughter Kathy, Karen, or Sally…but Nautica, Lexus, and Armani? Only if I was getting paid royalties, would I name my child Levitra.

The good thing about the name, Megatron, is that it works for a boy or a girl. It’s a transformer name…so it goes both ways. And if Megatron grows up and later wants to transform from one sex to another…not a problem…Megatron can keep his/her name.

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Anonymous said...

"Only if I was getting paid royalties, would I name my child Levitra." -- I can't stop laughing....LL