Thursday, March 4, 2010

If you were a tree...

If I ever became famous enough to be interviewed by Barbara Walters and she asked, “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” …I would have no problem answering.

You might think I’d choose a Maple tree, probably because I’m originally from Vermont, and Vermont is noted for its maple syrup …plus I do tend to be sappy, especially in the spring. But alas, you would be wrong.

I would be a Palm Tree. I love Palm trees. They are so graceful with their feather-shaped leaves as they sway in the breeze. And if I was truly a lucky Palm…I would be endowed with large coconuts.

I wonder what PaulA would choose for his tree. Maybe an olive tree…and have an ample supply of olives for his martinis? But probably a Blackberry Tree…he’s always attached to his Blackberry.

If I were to choose a type of tree for PaulA, I would choose an Oak tree. PaulA is very strong and solid, thrives in a loam soil, and requires very little maintenance. Don’t worry…I won’t talk about his acorns.

The kids, however, have already chosen a tree for PaulA. Their dad’ums would be a Money Tree. Preferably one with 100 dollar bills…not just those stinkin’ 10’s and 20’s.

…And I know my niece, Natalieboo, would choose to be a Christmas Tree. When you are eight years old….you wish Christmas came every day of the year.

So if you were a tree, what tree would you be?


Anonymous said...

i'd be a red wood tree...that way i'd be extra tall, live in california, and it would be illegal to cut me down!!! :)


ps. dad is more than a money tree!

Anonymous said...

If Brianna was a red wood tree then I'd be one of those tree squatters that lives in the tree so they can't cut it down!:)

xoxoxo Natalieboo