Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kids in Control

Being the nervous Nelliekat that I am…I’m always wondering about the pilot, whenever I board an airplane. I'm obsessing over the pilot’s stats and condition… ADHD meds? fear of heights? sleep deprivation? alcohol intake?

But apparently there are other things I should add to my list of worries. Now I have to wonder about the air traffic controller. I forgot about those guys/gals. Now I have to wonder if the person calling the shots from the control tower…is someone who plays Dodge ball during recess.

The latest scary airline story…and there have plenty…lest not forget the pilot and co-pilot who overshot their destination and were unreachable for some time…because they were what?…sleeping? passed out? bored? video game addicts?

Any who…………

Did you hear the audio clip of the 7-year old boy in a control tower giving an ‘all-clear for take-off’ directive to a Jet Blue pilot. It seemed innocent enough….the kid was having fun and the pilot was going along for the ride. But the big problem was…so were a couple of hundred other people on that flight.

I am surprised that Junior was allowed to be in radio contact...let alone, be allowed inside the tower. What if Jr. decided to play with the switches and buttons, or spilled his juice box on something? What the hell?

I’ve heard of 'take your child to work day'…but there has to be a limit as to when and where you draw the line. “Okay, Junior…I’m gonna take a little break over here…go ahead and finish sewing Mr. Johnston’s chest up. Just follow the dotted lines…like in your coloring book, son.”

Some careers by nature are safer to bring your child to work..maybe newspaper delivery, hair salons, sales and administrative offices. A child couldn’t get into too much trouble sitting in my blog chair. I do run the risk, however, that if my back was turned…a kid could post something childish, immature, and sophomoric. But then, you might not even notice. After all, most the time this blog is written in the voice of a 10-year old.

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Anonymous said...

i sure hope that seven year old is no where near my flight process tomorrow!!!