Monday, March 15, 2010

Mr. Handsome

For some ‘Go Figure’ reason…scientists have rebuilt the genome of an ancient human. From analysis of samples of hair excavated from a permafrost in the 1980’s…(more Go Figure) scientists were able to analyze the DNA , and come up with physical characteristics.

Mr. Handsome, a Palaeo-Eskimo, lived about 4,000 years ago in Greenland. Research reveals that he had brown eyes, brown skin, shovel-shaped front teeth, and a problem with dry earwax.

OMG…the description is a dead ringer for my Aunt Wilma….albeit there is a slight difference, Aunt Wilma has green eyes…but very close. The shovel teeth and earwax is dead-on. Now I understand where the family resemblance comes from.

I wonder how scientists figured out about the dry ear wax? I can understand determining eye color and skin color…but knowing about the wax floors me. And floor wax happens to make your wood floor extra shiny…and slippery…so be careful.

Any who….

I especially like his mullet haircut. Mr. Handsome would have been so pleased to know he was ahead of his time…that Jon Bon Jovi would be wearing his haircut in the 1980’s…and his style managed to “Never Say Goodbye.”

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big C said...

hmm that is so funny! very interesting...