Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guess Things Happen That Way

Sometimes there are stories that make you feel good…hence, feel good stories. The most recent one is about Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia, age 71…a man with 7 stents in his heart, and artificial hip sockets. Louie downloaded the 10 billionth song from iTunes, “Guess Things Happen That Way,” by Johnny Cash…and won $10,000 in credit to spend on songs, movies, and apps.

I wonder what Louie will use it on? Apparently he wasn’t sure what they had to offer and went to bed. I’m guessing he’ll probably download every Johnny Cash song that Cash ever sang, and some John Wayne movies. He should probably download the app that checks your blood pressure…a handy app for a guy with 7 stents.

Louie owns an iPod Nano that was a gift from his children for his 71st birthday. I am pretty darned impressed that he could figure out how to download music onto it…and that he didn’t take it to a pawn shop. Maybe his kids were hoping he wouldn’t know what to do with the iPod…and give it back to them.

The cool thing is that Louie got a call from Steve Jobs, the Head of the Apple Core, congratulating and thanking him for using Apple products. So now Louie is a rock star with 15 minutes of fame. Even Rolling Stone wants to interview him. I hope his ticker is up for it. Louie thinks Rolling Stone will be disappointed interviewing an old man. I say…NO PROBLEMA, Louie…all you have to do is get a sleeve of tattoos, take your shirt off, and lie down on a bed with your guitar in front of you….that’s the way bad boy John Mayer does it.

To add to this feel good story…Roseanne Cash called to thank Louie for listening to her dad, and also had her musician husband, John Leventhal, play the song over the phone for him. Apparently, Louie CASHed in a few times.

When you’re an ole country boy, a Georgic peach of a man, living with 7 stents…it makes sense that Louie should be the winner. ‘Guess things happen that way’….for a reason.