Monday, March 2, 2009

Desperate Blogger

Do you watch the television show Desperate Housewives? I sheepishly admit that I do. Granted I am astute enough to know…it is a stupid show…total ridiculous crap…but I find every stupid crappy minute very entertaining. The story lines are waay out there…but there is something fun about watching the messed up lives of these desperate women. Uh, Oh…what does that say about Kat?

The housewives are a part of a neighborhood that might seem a little too crazy and not real life. But then again…Are the lives of these desperate housewives really that far fetched? If we took a close look at our own neighborhoods….we would find crazy. Heck, if we took an even closer look at our own families….we would find crazier. (Except mine, of course.)

Remember….we had the sketchy/scam neighbors who secretly moved out in the middle of the night. And in another neighborhood I once lived in…the wife from one couple moved in across the street with the husband of another couple. (There was actually a lot more drama than that...but I'll spare ya here.) So ya see...there is always juicy stuff in every neighborhood.

The murder plot line in every season, however, is a little far fetching. But Wishy and her friends like to watch and give points to each episode for a cheating housewife or murder. I wonder how many points they would give for a murdering cheating housewife? (100 point Bonus?)

Now that I think about my own neighborhood…. I haven’t seen my neighbor Julie around in a very long time. And when I asked Julie’s husband how she was doing…he said that Julie was “feeling a little under the weather.” But now I’m wondering…maybe she is a different kind of under…(100 points?)...especially after he asked to borrow PaulA’s wood chipper. (Note to self: Why does PaulA have a wood chipper? And why does he keep it oiled and in perfect running order?….hmmmm.)

This is one desperate housewife who is so desperate…she likes making stuff up. Idea for new TV show: Desperate Housewife Bloggers.

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