Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Ahead

If you haven’t turned your clocks ahead by now….you’re in trouble, dude. It’s Monday morning and you are late. Turning your clocks ahead is an indication…Linnyj might be on time. Little joke there. hehe. Actually, the change in time is an indication that Spring is coming.

I know it’s hard to believe that spring will soon be springing upon us…putting the spring back into our step. But it will happen. And with the new season comes….warm rays, singing birds, daffodil blooms, and GOLF.

Gimme a G…O…L…F. What ya got? FLOG…that’s golf spelled backwards…and that’s exactly what happens while I’m on the course. I flog myself…with a stick for 18 holes.

Every spring season I am excited about the game. I’m hopeful that during the winter, a fairy golf god granted me some golf skills…and I’ve become a decent, respectable player.

Actually when I get out for my first few rounds of the season, I play well. Everything is par for the course (just an expression…not accurate). Plus the sun is shining…the course looks good…and I’m out with Linnyj, Pia, Eva, and Juanita. What could be more fun than playing golf with a barrel of monkeys?

I’m even driving the ball far and in the fairway…making some good chips and putts. That’s when I start thinking I got this game down. And I can hear my friends thinking… “Yes! The fairy golf god visited Kat…FINALLY.” But just as they start to think that…my golf game turns to flogging.

That’s when reality shits me. I mean, hits me. PU. My game stinks. It only takes a few rounds before I realize I’m still the hack golfer that I was last season. That’s when I look over to my friends after my last shot…a shot that bounced off two trees and back into the fairway (another Kat trick shot.) I catch Linnyj rubbing her nose. I knew it…she thinks I stink too!

Kat…A hack golfer during the golf season…and a hack blogger in the off season. Spring Ahead.

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